NC Seafood Festival

Annual North Carolina Seafood Festival

32nd North Carolina Seafood Festival
October 5-7, 2018

At bask, we are proud to be the official host hotel of North Carolina's second largest annual festival. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to Morehead City to enjoy the North Caolina Seafood Festival

While the festival hosts live music, contests, tounraments, shows, and, of course, declicious seafood to enjoy, it's purpose is much more than your typical celebration. The North Carolina Seafood Festival is in part to honor the Carteret County vessels that bring in fresh seafood for all of North Carolina to enjoy. Without their hard work, our access to these ocean delicacies would be greatly impacted. 

Additionally, the Festival is an educational forum and annual reminder of the positive social and economic impacts our seafood industry has on the North Carolina state economy and its citizens.

Come learn about the seafood industry and enjoy the music, vendors, activities, and food at this one of a kind festival right here in Morehead City. 

Event Schedule:
Stay tuned for more information and events to come!